Our extensive experience in valuations has allowed us to develop a deep understanding and expertise in assessing the value of different types of properties, such as residential, commercial, or industrial buildings. We can provide you with accurate and reliable valuations that can inform important decisions related to buying, selling, or investing in real estate.

Our major Valuation Work

▪ Zb Bank
▪ FBC Bank
▪ PTA Bank valuations
▪ Star Africa
▪ Net- one
▪ Cernol Zimbabwe
▪ GB Holdings
▪ Barclays Bank
▪ Old Mutual
▪ Kingdom Bank
▪ Premier Bank
▪ Turnall Zimbabwe
▪ Zimplats( Unki-mine)
▪ Rainbow Tourism group
▪ Econet Zimbabwe
▪ Motor industry Pension Fund-Portfolio
▪ City of Harare CBD and Industrial properties
▪ Victoria Falls valuations all properties, residential, commercial, and industrial, hotels and vacant land.
▪ Windmill Valuations
▪ PTC Pension Fund properties throughout the country
▪ Ramotswa Botswana
▪ Olivine Holdings – fixed properties, plant & machinery
▪ Kuchi Holdings Valuation of fixed properties, plant and machinery
▪ Pastaman Manufacturing valuation of land , plant and machinery
▪ Superior Holdings Valuation of plant and Machinery and fixed property
▪ National Social Security Authority Valuation of all Fixed properties throughout the country

▪ Sign It Valuation of Plant and machinery
▪ National Social Security Authority Valuation of all Fixed properties throughout the country
▪ Sign It Valuation of Plant and machinery

▪ Sign It Valuation of Plant and machinery
▪ Batonga Safaries Valaution of Plant and Machinery
▪ Beverley Pension Fund Valuation of the pension fund’s fixed properties through the country
▪ Old Mutual Properties Valuation of commercial properties in Harare
▪ Masholdings Valuation of block of flats in Harare
▪ Local Authority Pension Fund Valuation of industrial and commercial properties for rental valuation.
▪ Zimnat Life Valuation of the whole portfolio throughout the country
▪ Homelink Valuations RBZ Valuation for Home link housing scheme for mortgage purposes
▪ Ramotswa Botswana valuation of plant and machinery
▪ United Touring Group Valuation of fixed property, plant and machinery
▪ Zimbabwe Revenue Authority Valuation of land for market purposes
▪ Zimbabwe Electricity Authority Pension Fund valuation of fixed properties throughout the country
▪ Grain Marketing Board valuation of residential properties throughout the country including leaseholds
▪ CIMAS Valuation of fixed properties plant and machinery
▪ City of Gweru Valuation of all properties in the City of Gweru
▪ City of Kadoma Valuation of all properties for the City
▪ Rainbow Tourism Group Valuation of all hotels, Plant and machinery
▪ NRZ Pension Fund Some commercial buildings in Harare
▪ BPSHELL Marketing services all services stations depots and plant and machinery
▪ Sunway City Industrial park Industrial land and Buildings
▪ NRZ farm valuations for disposal

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